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Radio Free Humanity, Episode 32: Making Marx Make Sense: The Early Years

Episode 32: Making Marx Make Sense: The Early Years Brendan interviews Andrew about his role in the development of the temporal single-system interpretation of Karl Marx’s value theory (TSSI). The interview focuses especially on Andrew’s personal experiences during the early … Continue reading


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Episode 19: Spanish Edition of “Reclaiming Marx’s ‘Capital’”––Interview with Translator- Radio Free Humanity

Episode 19: Spanish Edition of “Reclaiming Marx’s ‘Capital’”––Interview with Translator The co-hosts interview Guillem Murcia López, a translator of the just-published Spanish edition of Andrew’s book Reclaiming Marx’s “Capital’: A Refutation of the Myth of Inconsistency. They discuss the book’s … Continue reading

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Surplus Value (draft)

Another draft chapter for my book. All comments welcome. The most interesting part, I think, is the last section. Surplus Value Marx begins Capital with an analysis of the commodity form. He immediately tells us why: because the commodity is … Continue reading

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Left Forum 2010

Below are video from 3 different panel from the March 2010 Left Forum in New York City. There is a lot of stuff here so let me describe and recommend a few highlights for viewers with less time on their hands.

Probably the most frequent question I get from viewers/readers is: “Okay, you have critiqued capitalism. Now what is the solution?” I usually respond by saying that we need to understand the problem better before we can begin to articulate solutions. Here, I am pleased to post some thoughts on what it means to overthrow capital and some of the ways it can be thought about: Check out Anne Jaclard and Andrew Kliman’s talks on the “Future of World Capitalism” series and the discussion that followed. These will be of interest to many viewers who want to know what it means to overthrow the law of value. Continue reading

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Marx and Temporalism- a Tutorial

This is a workshop on the Temporal Single System Interpretation (TSSI) of Marx’s value theory. It was recorded in November of 2009 at the Rethinking Marxism conference in Amherst Mass. The presenters are Andrew Kliman and Alan Freeman, two of the leading figures in the TSSI. The TSSI aims to show that by viewing Marx’s value theory through a temporal lens the claims by Marx’s opponents that his value theory is inconsistent are refuted. Continue reading

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Das Kapital vol. 3 Part 2- opening thoughts

Herein lies theoretical ideas that have been hotly debated for well over a century now. Up until now we have assumed that price equals value and that profit is directly related to the amount of surplus value produced. But now, 140 pages into the 3rd volume of Kapital Marx explains that in conditions of capitalist competition prices don’t equal values and that profit is not determined by the surplus value produced by a firm. This has raised all manner of criticism and even ridicule from some corners. Bohm Bawerk made much of this in his criticism of Marx. Continue reading

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Left Forum ’09- Marx’s Capital and the Economic Crisis

I was quite fortunate to be invited to speak on a panel at the Left Forum this year (4-18-09) with some writers I greatly admire. Here I have posted the videos of all four speakers, the text to my portion, … Continue reading

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What Transformation Problem?

Nerd alert: I know that my videos normally represent the height of fashion. I know that my massive popularity, on the account of all the violence, sex appeal, and sports references have launched me into the top ranks of viral … Continue reading

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