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Radio Free Humanity, Episode 32: Making Marx Make Sense: The Early Years

Episode 32: Making Marx Make Sense: The Early Years Brendan interviews Andrew about his role in the development of the temporal single-system interpretation of Karl Marx’s value theory (TSSI). The interview focuses especially on Andrew’s personal experiences during the early … Continue reading


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Marx and Temporalism- a Tutorial

This is a workshop on the Temporal Single System Interpretation (TSSI) of Marx’s value theory. It was recorded in November of 2009 at the Rethinking Marxism conference in Amherst Mass. The presenters are Andrew Kliman and Alan Freeman, two of the leading figures in the TSSI. The TSSI aims to show that by viewing Marx’s value theory through a temporal lens the claims by Marx’s opponents that his value theory is inconsistent are refuted. Continue reading

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Interview with Andrew Kliman

Here is an interview with Andrew Kliman in which Kliman discusses the Marxist theory of capitalist crisis. Kliman is professor of economics at PACE university and author of the very important book Reclaiming Marx’s Capital. Kliman talks about some of … Continue reading

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