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Radio Free Humanity, Episode 2: Fighting White Nationalism

In this episode of “Radio Free Humanity: The Marxist-Humanist Podcast,” we draw lessons from Karl Marx’s political writings to better understand the political orientation needed today to best fight the scourge of white nationalism. Andrew Kliman discusses some of his … Continue reading

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New Podcast: Radio Free Humanity

I started a new podcast with Andrew Kliman. We discuss politics, philosophy, etc. We will release two episodes a month. Listen on SoundCloud. Comment and Discuss here.

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Abstract Labor- Capital chapter one

Capital Chapter 1 Compared with the Critique of Political Economy, Capital’s opening exposition is much clearer and more powerful, due in large part to the category of ‘intrinsic value’ which Marx introduces. Commodities have an intrinsic value which is expressed … Continue reading

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Abstract Labor- Critique of Political Economy

Critique of Political Economy , Chapter One [I am using some obscure edition from 1904 by International Library Publishing Co. NI Stone translation. So I’m sure the page numbers will be of no use to anyone. Sorry. However a few … Continue reading

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Indirectly Social Labor

Indirectly Social Labor (This is a draft chapter. Comments appreciated.) This chapter considers Marx’s distinction between directly social and indirectly social labor. Indirectly social labor is a key concept used by Marx to characterize the distinctive nature of capitalism. Any … Continue reading

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On Labor as the Substance of Value

(This is a draft. All comments welcome. Citations and footnotes are incomplete.) Labor as Substance of Value Once Marx has established that value is a property intrinsic to commodities he immediately goes on to ask what this value is and … Continue reading

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Intrinsic Value

(What follows is a draft. Citations and footnotes are incomplete.) Intrinsic Value [cite Kliman’s paper on Intrinsic Value as helping me to understand the importance of the concept.] Throughout the opening chapter of Capital Marx jousts with many intellectual opponents, … Continue reading

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