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A Post-Capitalist Future-Not By Politics Alone. Radio-Free Humanity. Episode 22

  MHI · A Post-Capitalist Future––Not by Politics Alone — Ep. 22   Brendan interviews Andrew about his With Sober Senses essay, “Not by Politics Alone: Thinking Through a Post-Capitalist Future.” They discuss what’s wrong with thinking that we can … Continue reading


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Network for the Circulation of Theoretical Struggles

There is a new website in town. Now, perhaps you are already maxed-out on new websites, but I would urge regular readers to consider paying a bit of attention to this new site as it is a bit unique. The … Continue reading

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further draft of subject-object

Perhaps it borders on narcissism to think that the world is interested in following the successive redrafting of the scripts to my videos. But I suppose there are worse things to clutter the internet with. I do always find feedback … Continue reading

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Left Forum panels from Marxist-Humanist Initiative

I recently enjoyed watching these videos of some Left Forum panels sponsored by the Marxist-Humanist Initiative. Is Socialism Possible? Shockingly the answer is “yes”. This actually two panels featuring quite a variety of speakers including Michael Albert, Andrew Kliman, Anne … Continue reading

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Law of Value 6: Socially Necessary Labor Time

We’ve probably all heard Marx’s famous description of the higher phase of communism: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Marx didn’t actually come up with this phrase but he quotes it in one his rare commentaries on communism. Here an hour of one person’s work is equal to an hour of anyone else’s, creating a basis for real equality throughout society, regardless of the productive abilities (or privileges) of individuals. In the Critique of the Gotha Program Marx describes the lower phase of communism as a system in which, after an hour of labor, all workers receive a certificate entitling them to a certain amount of consumption goods in proportion to their working time, not their level of productivity. There is no SNLT, and no inequality, because everyone’s work has the same social power. Obviously this is not a robust plan for how a communist society should be run. But it gives us a glimpse into the sort of radical questions we should be asking ourselves when thinking about communism. Continue reading

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Law of Value- Introduction

This video series will cover various topics in Marx’s theory of value: The difference between use-value, exchange value and value, the relation of supply, demand and price to value, abstract labor, exploitation, crisis, socially necessary labor time, and even what an understanding of value can tell us about changing the world. It is hoped that they can contribute to a better appreciation of the importance of value theory to radical movements today as they seek ideas with which to articulate their demands and strategies. Continue reading

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Left Forum 2010

Below are video from 3 different panel from the March 2010 Left Forum in New York City. There is a lot of stuff here so let me describe and recommend a few highlights for viewers with less time on their hands.

Probably the most frequent question I get from viewers/readers is: “Okay, you have critiqued capitalism. Now what is the solution?” I usually respond by saying that we need to understand the problem better before we can begin to articulate solutions. Here, I am pleased to post some thoughts on what it means to overthrow capital and some of the ways it can be thought about: Check out Anne Jaclard and Andrew Kliman’s talks on the “Future of World Capitalism” series and the discussion that followed. These will be of interest to many viewers who want to know what it means to overthrow the law of value. Continue reading

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Welcome to Kapitalism…

This is a place to post the text of my youtube videos which deal with various topics in economics. You will find the links to each video and their text under the “pages” section on the right.

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