Interview with Andrew Kliman

Here is an interview with Andrew Kliman in which Kliman discusses the Marxist theory of capitalist crisis. Kliman is professor of economics at PACE university and author of the very important book Reclaiming Marx’s Capital. Kliman talks about some of his work with the theory of the Falling Rate of Profit, criticizes some of the other theories of crisis floating around in the left today, and discusses the countervailing tendencies to a Falling Rate of Profit. Kilman then goes on to discuss the public reception of his work debunking the transformation problem, problems in academic marxism, and his thoughts about beginning to theorize a future socialist society. I interviewed Andrew on 4-17-09, the evening before we shared a panel together at the Left Forum.

This interview has been translated into Norwegian.

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4 Responses to Interview with Andrew Kliman

  1. Freek says:

    Great interview! Thanks for putting this up!

  2. Darren P says:

    Interesting to note that he is somewhat unsure as to what a post-capitalist society could be like.

    Perhaps this article, the last chapter of Adam Buick and John Crumps “State Capitalism” book would be of interest:

  3. Bue says:

    Thanks for putting this up!

    Btw the transcription/translation is not Norwegian, but Danish (not that it matters greatly to the readers who understand any of the two, if one counts out national pride).

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