Marx and Temporalism- a Tutorial

This is a workshop on the Temporal Single System Interpretation (TSSI) of Marx’s value theory. It was recorded in November of 2009 at the Rethinking Marxism conference in Amherst Mass. The presenters are Andrew Kliman and Alan Freeman, two of the leading figures in the TSSI. The TSSI aims to show that by viewing Marx’s value theory through a temporal lens the claims by Marx’s opponents that his value theory is inconsistent are refuted. I think that the work they are doing is very important.

I have discussed the TSSI in my video “What Transformation Problem?“. I have also posted videos of Kliman and Freeman speaking at the 2009 Left Forum and a panel on the economic crisis at the 2009 Rethinking Marxism conference. I also highly recommend my interview with Andrew Kliman.

I apologize for the sound quality of this video. The conference center had a noisy ventilation system that left a loud “whirring” on all the video. I did by best to minimize the background noise but it was hard to do so without compromising the audibility of the speakers. I think this is a great tutorial and that it warrants close listening even with the poor sound.

Kliman’s website:

Freeman’s website:

you can look at Freeman’s powerpoint here: 091105 RM tutorial

You can see Kliman’s powerpoint here: BCM

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5 Responses to Marx and Temporalism- a Tutorial

  1. m says:

    this is great stuff

  2. Geoff Taylor says:

    Ok, to make sure i’m getting this right: the temporalist view of the S/D graph is A-inputs before outputs of that particular business cycle/growing season whatever, point B is after outputs from A’s inputs in the given Unit of Time and before the next inputs and C is B’s outputs and new inputs and so on?

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