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Kapital vol. 3 Part 2, Chapter 11: Effects of General Wage Fluctuations on Prices of Production

After all the excitement of Chapter 10, this is a bit of a downer.

How do changes in wages effect the price of production? First we must realize that different firms will be effected differently depending on whether of not they produce at, below or above the average organic composition. Continue reading

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Value, Crisis and Marx’s Order of Operations- final draft

An economic crisis manifests itself in many different forms simultaneously: stock market crashes, housing market crashes, over capacity, unemployment, etc. For every aspect of the crisis there is some theorist who mistakes this surface appearance for the inner mechanism of crisis. But a proper analysis of crisis needs to have some reason for selecting some phenomena as causes and others as effects. There must be a proper ordering of the relations between different economic factors in order for our analysis to avoid being arbitrary and piecemeal. Marx gives us a very clear, though complex, ordering of these relations. This paper will attempt to critique credit-centered and underconsumptionist theories of crisis from the perspective of Marx’s “order of operations”. It will close with some brief remarks about the Falling Rate of Profit. Continue reading

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