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Abstract Labor- Capital chapter one

Capital Chapter 1 Compared with the Critique of Political Economy, Capital’s opening exposition is much clearer and more powerful, due in large part to the category of ‘intrinsic value’ which Marx introduces. Commodities have an intrinsic value which is expressed … Continue reading

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Abstract Labor- Critique of Political Economy

Critique of Political Economy , Chapter One [I am using some obscure edition from 1904 by International Library Publishing Co. NI Stone translation. So I’m sure the page numbers will be of no use to anyone. Sorry. However a few … Continue reading

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Abstract Labor and reading Marx

In the next few posts I will post a close reading of some important works by Marx that explore his concept of ‘abstract labor’. In a past post from last summer I wrote about some revelations I had from reading … Continue reading

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On Labor as the Substance of Value

(This is a draft. All comments welcome. Citations and footnotes are incomplete.) Labor as Substance of Value Once Marx has established that value is a property intrinsic to commodities he immediately goes on to ask what this value is and … Continue reading

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Law of Value 9: Abstract Labor

UPDATE: I can no longer recommend the presentation on Abstract Labor in this video. My thoughts on Abstract Labor have evolved since making this video, as can be seen in more  recent posts on the subject. Therefore I do not … Continue reading

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Law of Value 9: Abstract Labor, draft (parts A and B)

This is draft of my script for Abstract Labor, the 9th video in my Law of Value series. I always appreciate the comments, suggestions and criticism on these drafts. They really help me focus the scripts. This video has a … Continue reading

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