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Radio Free Humanity, Episode 2: Fighting White Nationalism

In this episode of “Radio Free Humanity: The Marxist-Humanist Podcast,” we draw lessons from Karl Marx’s political writings to better understand the political orientation needed today to best fight the scourge of white nationalism. Andrew Kliman discusses some of his … Continue reading

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“Resisting Trumpist Reaction” in print and video

Marxist-Humanist-Initiative has released a video-series of the pamphlet “Resisting Trumpist Reaction (and Left Accommodation)”. So now, in addition to reading the pamphlet, you can listen to it read aloud while you wash the dishes.   Resisting Trumpist Reaction discusses many … Continue reading

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Marxist-Humanist Initiative Public meetings this Spring and more

As Marxist-Humanist Initiative continues the fight against Trump, Trumpism and growing authoritarianism around the world—as well as against the enablers in the so-called left, we are happy to announce our coming events and the newest articles on our website. Two … Continue reading

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Left Forum 2018

I will be participating in some panels at the Left Forum in New York City on June 2 and 3rd. I encourage folks to come if they are in the area. Combating White Nationalism: Lessons from Marx Sat. June 2, … Continue reading

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For a forthcoming book…. comments welcome. Abstract Labor Brendan Cooney Introduction. As established in a previous chapter, if a coat and a quantity of linen are equal in value this means that both are products of an equal amount of … Continue reading

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Re Indirectly Social Labor and a passage from the Grundrisse

In the context of a very long critique of the Proudhonian idea that commodities should exchange for their exact labor content, Marx comes to this bit in which he contrasts the directly social labor of communal production with the indirectly … Continue reading

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Re. Indirectly Social Labor in the Critique of Political Economy, chapter one

A few thoughts on the concept of Indirectly Social Labor in The Critique of Political Economy As far as I know, Marx does not use the term “indirectly social labor” at all in the Critique of Political Economy. However much … Continue reading

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