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Re. Indirectly Social Labor in the Critique of Political Economy, chapter one

A few thoughts on the concept of Indirectly Social Labor in The Critique of Political Economy As far as I know, Marx does not use the term “indirectly social labor” at all in the Critique of Political Economy. However much … Continue reading

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Re Indirectly Social Labor and a passage from Capital 1, chapter 1

Indirectly Social Labor notes. Capital Fetishism section In the Fetishism section of chapter one, volume one of Capital Marx makes a comparison of different modes of production, arguing that the fetishism of commodities only arises in the capitalist mode of … Continue reading

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A Note on a passage in Poverty of Philosophy

In an interesting passage from the Poverty of Philosophy Marx discusses the reduction of compound labor to simple labor as well as the transformation of all labor into a similar quality so that value is measured solely by labor time … Continue reading

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Re a Grundrisse fragment on social labor/mediation/etc.

In the context of a very long critique of the Proudhonian idea that commodities should exchange for their exact labor content, Marx comes to this bit in which he contrasts the directly social labor of communal production with the indirectly … Continue reading

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Capital course 2015-2016

Reading Capital Closely Livestream Course on Volume 1 During the 2015–16 school year, Marxist-Humanist Initiative (MHI) will sponsor a course on the first volume of Marx’s Capital: A Critique of Political Economy. The course will be taught by Andrew Kliman, … Continue reading

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Abstract Labor- Capital chapter one

Capital Chapter 1 Compared with the Critique of Political Economy, Capital’s opening exposition is much clearer and more powerful, due in large part to the category of ‘intrinsic value’ which Marx introduces. Commodities have an intrinsic value which is expressed … Continue reading

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Abstract Labor- Critique of Political Economy

Critique of Political Economy , Chapter One [I am using some obscure edition from 1904 by International Library Publishing Co. NI Stone translation. So I’m sure the page numbers will be of no use to anyone. Sorry. However a few … Continue reading

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