“Resisting Trumpist Reaction” in print and video

Marxist-Humanist-Initiative has released a video-series of the pamphlet “Resisting Trumpist Reaction (and Left Accommodation)”. So now, in addition to reading the pamphlet, you can listen to it read aloud while you wash the dishes.


Resisting Trumpist Reaction discusses many of the theoretical and political issues important to the struggle for freedom in the age of Trump and Trumpism. It is an important document.

It is also a collectively authored document with a remarkably unified perspective, rooted in Marxist Humanism, while spanning many political, economic and philosophical topics. I am one of the authors and also one of the video-readers.


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1 Response to “Resisting Trumpist Reaction” in print and video

  1. JonnyBadFox says:

    Sorry for the off-topic, but I watched your youtube videos and they are great. But I wounder, how would you analyse a workers cooperative with the tools of Marx? Has this been done? I’m kind of sure, but I didn’t found any literature. Could you point to some? (I mean with real equations and the analytical tools of Marx).
    Greets from Germany

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