Marxist-Humanist Initiative Public meetings this Spring and more

As Marxist-Humanist Initiative continues the fight against Trump, Trumpism and growing authoritarianism around the world—as well as against the enablers in the so-called left, we are happy to announce our coming events and the newest articles on our website.

Two public meetings in New York City on April 12-14:

“Brexit and the Future of Ireland and Scotland: Beyond the Pro/Anti-Brexit Quagmire”
on Fri., April 12, 7:00-9:00 pm, at Bluestockings Books, 172 Allen St., Manhattan.

The program will feature Chris Gilligan, Scottish/Irish academic, author and Open Borders activist, who will draw attention to the human dimensions of immigration restrictions and highlight grassroots movements for human freedom in existing pro-immigrant campaigns. A second speaker, Adam Plante, will give “Remarks on Marxist-Humanism’s Challenge to the ‘Left.,” emphasizing the need to reject commonly “given” alternatives and to ground action in liberatory philosophy. See more information here.

An MHI-sponsored panel at the Historical Materialism conference April 13-14, at James Baldwin School, 351 W. 18th St., Manhattan.

We don’t yet know the day or time of our panel, entitled “Fighting Trumpism and Left Accommodation: Marxist-Humanist Perspectives.” Speakers include Andrew Kliman, Brendan Cooney, and others.


Everywhere, via Skype, beginning Sun. April 7:

A study group on Raya Dunayevskaya’s 1973 book, Philosophy & Revolution, from Hegel to Sartre and from Marx to MaoWe will do a close textual reading of this foundational work of Marxist-Humanism. Meeting every 3 weeks, 11 classes.

You need to apply to join by writing to MHI and telling us why you want to participate. Write

Please see our newest posts and much more:


    • Report by a Spanish friend on the elections in Spain’s Andalusia region, shows that the election results do not represent a growth of the far right, but instead a crystalization of its support under the banner of a single new far-right party, Vox.


    • Seth Weiss’ article on France’s Yellow Vests offers a trenchant and insightful critique of a widely circulated but extremely troubling article by Richard Greeman. He asks: “Is today’s left more concerned with championing populism than with fighting neo-fascism and advancing a genuinely liberatory politics?”


    • Andrew Kliman’s follow-up article on those Obama voters who “flipped” to Trump confirms the hypothesis that emerged from his descriptive account of their attitudes and demographic characteristics, published in WSS last August: these voters’ flip to Trump was driven by their Trumpian attitudes; in contrast, no measure of personally-experienced economic hardship proved to be a determinant. The article also critiques an Institute for New Economic Thinking study that tries to rescue the widely discredited anti-neoliberal “left” claim that “economic distress” is what drove Trump’s victory.


  • The 219 Women’s Marches reports and reviews the January marches in the US and London, and condemns anti-Semitism that arose in part of the march movement.

Please send us your comments and articles—and join us in the struggle.

— Marxist-Humanist Initiative

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