Discussing Volume 2 on Alpha to Omega

I recently appeared on Tom O’Brien’s excellent podcast ‘From Alpha to Omega’. We discussed Volume 2 of Capital and other matters.


(Apparently WordPress has made embedding podomatic content more difficult so you must follow the link to get to the podcast.)

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4 Responses to Discussing Volume 2 on Alpha to Omega

  1. skepoet2 says:

    I really enjoyed this episode on Volume Two, particularly on the critiques of a model as if it were as critique of an absolute description. -C. D.V.

  2. Araujo De says:

    Excellent interview! Do you still intend to make more videos on YouTube or are you done with your channel? I think you were the only person who was brave enough to disseminate marxism, which is constantly distorted and misunderstood, on the internet.

  3. jclaywell says:

    Where are you Brendan? Love your blog and your youtube site!

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