Read a book with me

I have moved to New York City. I am looking to either join or start a reading group. I want to read the Grundrisse (and perhaps some supplementary texts) with this group. I want to start as soon as possible.


Contact me at: call me cooney at g mail (no spaces.)

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19 Responses to Read a book with me

  1. Gabriel says:

    Does this mean you are doing one onIine because I just got Gundrisse(penguin classics) from my local library and it is quite thick and difficult and would very much enjoy reading it with people to help me through it.

  2. CB says:

    I take it this is a in NYC thing, and not a Skype thing?

  3. RGL says:

    I reside in the UK. I presume the readings will be on-line

  4. CB says:

    If it is an online thing I’m in.
    The Grundrisse and Marx’s notebooks on surplus value are all I have left to read regarding Marx’s political economy.

  5. mreverpresent says:

    I’m willing to join. But I’m not an American man.

  6. Julia says:

    Crap, I should have said hello to you when you were still in Boston.

    Perhaps I can see you in NYC, sometime before I move overseas.

  7. mreverpresent says:

    Let’s do this. Contact me.

  8. Gabriel says:

    Any update as to whether this will be a thing. And I am aware it will have to be planned and stuck to. What exactly would the necessary amount be for this to be a thing.(or quorum as you put it)

  9. bulend says:

    It seems that it has not been started yet. If the idea is still alive, I would like to participate in too, of course as an “online-reader”.

  10. mreverpresent says:

    The grundrisse is the best next thing. I enjoyed it. Many points to be used in my own intellectual work.

  11. mreverpresent says:

    People from kapitalism. Brendan is not doing it online. I just saw it.

  12. Moe says:

    Apologies for posting this here Brendon but I do hope you find the time to contribute.
    New discussion board set up for the purpose of discussing Volume One of Marx’s Capital. I have not yet had a chance to mention it to students taking the course (I audit SA351 once a year) but I am hoping that as the semester progresses, students will use the forum and dsicussions will take place more frequently (there are no posts yet).

    Best for now,

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