Interview on Alpha2Omega

I recently had the privileged to appear on Tom O-Brien’s excellent podcast Alpha2Omega. We discuss, among other things,  the Occupy movement, Marx’s critique of labor-money. The interview can be heard below. Alpha2Omega is a really excellent podcast. Tom has really top-notch guests on each week, he asks excellent questions, and does a great job of editing the interviews. I don’t feel like I was able to be as spontaneously articulate as I’d have liked to have been during our interview but so it goes.

The interview:

The podcast

Photo 3Here’s the paper by Seth Weiss that Tom asks me about.

It’s a great paper. I’ve referenced it several times on this blog.

Also, listeners interested in thinking more about ‘socialist labor vouchers’ should know that there is currently a heated debate happening on the topic on Libcom. I have not had time to read through it all but it looks like a spirited and sophisticated discussion. Here is a recent summary and response to that discussion.


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