annotated bibliography

When I was a kid I hated following arbitrary rules when writing a bibliography. Now that I’m an adult I can do whatever I want. This bibliography follows brendanmcooney format.

“Das Kapital” by Karl Marx. 1867 (first volume)

if you are reading Kapital for the first time (or second) I highly recommend listening to David Harvey’s lectures on Kapital. You can find them on his website:

“Limits To Capital” by David Harvey. Verso 2006. first published in 1982

“Marxist Economic Theory” by Ernest Mandel. Monthly Review Press. 1968

“Introduction to Marx and Engels: a critical reconstruction” by Richard Schmitt. Westview Press. 1987

“Marx for Beginners” by Rius. Pantheon Books. 1976

“The Marx Engels Reader” edited by Robert Tucker. WW Norton and Co. 1978

“Kapital for Beginners”

“Marx on Money” by Suzanne De Brunhoff. Urizen Books. 1973

“Studies in the Labor Theory of Value” by Ronald L Meek. Monthly Review Press. 1956

“Reclaiming Marx’s Capital; refuting the myth of inconsistency” by Andrew Kliman

For a great perspective on how the labor theory of value is integrated between the three volumes of Kapital, and especially for a killer explanation of commodity fetishism and markets you must read I.I. Rubin’s “Essays on Marx’s Theory of Value.” It’s on the Marxist Internet Archive.

on crisis:

“An Introduction to the History of Crisis Theories” by Anwar Shaihk. You can find this excellent introduction to marxist and bourgeois crisis theory on Shaihk’s website

“Class, Crisis and the State” by Erik Olin Wright; Verso 1978.  The last section of the book offer a good synopsis of crisis marxist theories.

“The New Imperialism” by David Harvey.Oxford University Press. 2003; Harvey’s explanation of how the crisis of “overaccumulation” intersects with the logic of state powers to produce modern forms of imperialism. There is much discussion of the Bush regime, the context of the Iraq war, and the rise of China as an economic power.

“A Brief History of Neoliberalism” by David Harvey. Oxford University Press. 2005; Here Harvey discusses the rise of Neoliberal policy and ideology and changes in capitalism over the last 30 years. This is a really important book!

“The Condition of Postmodernity,” by David Harvey. Basil Blackwell Inc. 1989; Harvey discusses the way changes in capitalism, brought on by the crisis of fordism and Keynesianism in the 70’s have created new cultural conceptions of space and time.

“Who Built America?”

“The Triumph of Conservatism” by Gabriel Kolko. Quadrangle Books. 1963

“The Origins of the Federal Reserve System: Money, Class and Corporate Capitalism, 1890-1913″ by James Linvingston. Cornell University Press, 1986

On bourgeois economics:

“Economics; traditional and radical perspectives” by EK Hunt

“A Critique of Economic Theory” edited by Jesse Schwartz

“The Subtle Anatomy of Capitalism” edited by Jesse Schwartz

On the labor process:

“Labor And Monopoly Capital” by Harry Braverman

“Manufacturing Consent” by Michael Burawoy

on technology:

“Cutting Edge; Technology, Information, Capitalism and Social Revolution” edited by Jim Davis, Thomas Hirshl and Michael Stack

other sources:

“Class” “Class Counts” etc. written over and over by Erik Olin Wright. Verso or Cambridge University Press

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5 Responses to annotated bibliography

  1. Thanks for these videos.

    I keep trying to leave a comment here:

    Namely this:

    Unfortunately, I have demolished this ‘theory’ from a Marxist angle at my site:

    It is not possible to ‘misunderstand’ or ‘misapply’ this ‘theory’, since it can be used to defend any thesis one likes *and* its opposite.

  2. Hekmatista says:

    What about Paul Sweezy’s THEORY OF CAPITALIST ACCUMULULATION for basic Marxist algebra?

  3. Miguel says:

    What happened to the bibliography videos? Also I’ve noted that there are many links in the right hand column that don’t work anymore since you changed the site. For example, everything under Econ-202. There are more though.
    Just wanted to say that this is the best marxist education site I’ve found and it’s helping me a lot now that I’m struggling with Capital vol 1.

    Regards from Spain

    • thanks for the heads up regarding links. I need to do some serious site reorganization.

      I got rid of the bibliography videos because the info in them wasn’t very up to date. Instead I just have this space to list some literature.

      • Miguel says:

        It would be great if you could update the bibliography every once in a while with recent books you have read or that you think are relevant to marxism. I’m sure that since 2008 with the crisis there has been lots of new material. Just and idea.

        Thanks for your hard work.

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